Make your E-course Journal!

For this E-course you'll need to have a journal! We'll have a lot of journaling activities, and you'll probably want to write down thoughts you have as we go through the course. Of course, you'll want a journal which matches your own individual personality, so here's an easy and quick DIY to make your Lovely*Brave journal unique!

What you'll need:
A journal
Tacky Glue
A glue gun

To start off, measure your fabric into rectangles about an inch and a half bigger than the area you want to cover, so you can wrap it around to the inside. I used vintage bedsheets, so the edge was already hemmed, but if you want to hem one edge of your fabric (for the edge that'll be exposed on the cover) you can easily hem that up with a sewing machine or hem tape if you don't have a sewing machine.

The hemmed edge of your fabric will be going along the spine side of your cover. To really secure this edge, take a bead of hot glue and glue the edge down. Once that edge is glued down, spread your entire cover with tacky glue. I smoothed out the glue with my finger once I applied it so it wouldn't create bumps under the fabric.

Now lay the fabric over the glue, starting from the edge you've already glued and moving towards the corners to make sure you don't get any wrinkles or bubbles in the fabric.

You should have about an inch and a half of fabric to over lap into the inside of your cover now. First, measure how far into the corner your fabric will fold and then put tacky glue there to glue down the two corners, as shown.

Once your corners are glued down, you can glue in the three flaps. I folded the raw edge under to keep it a bit neater, but this optional. Measure how far in your flaps will fold and then put tacky glue where the flap will go. Before folding the flaps onto the glue, you can add a bead of hot glue around the edges if you want to make sure the edges are super secure, but this is also optional.

Now, you can repeat the process for the back cover! If you'd like, you can do a simple embroidery to jazz up the front. I embroidered "Lovely*Brave" on a scrap of fabric, cut it out and glued it to the front of my journal!

You can also go through the pages and start making them look fun! I like to go through my pages and customize them first, so then as I'm working I can just fill in the empty spaces with thoughts and other doodles and such. It can also be cool glue in little envelopes to keep important keepsakes. Do whatever you want to make it yours.

If you want to share your Lovely*Brave journal with everyone else, head over to the forum and show it off!