Meet Elizabeth

I'm a 25 year old Graphic Designer, blogger, adventurer, artist, and dreamer. I'm a not-so-reformed tomboy with a love for the charm of tacky, kitschy things most often found lingering in the 70's. I believe I love winnebagos, printmaking, vintage times, avocados, love, personal style, faux wood, dancing, polaroids, tedium, bikes, late nights, the woods, driving, solitude, taking pictures, making things, warm spaces, poems, decor, art, sundresses. I believe that life is too short to not be who you want to be and in living life with passion, chasing after dreams with reckless abandon, and enjoying the beauty life gives us on a daily basis.

I started my blog Delightfully Tacky in 2008 and it's been an incredibly fun journey along the way, discovering my personal style, fostering creativity and positivity, and meeting new, amazing people. Delightfully Tacky is a place where I share my personal style, creative endeavors, travels, life and all kinds of lovely things.

I grew up in Alaska going on adventures with my Dad in his Cessna 180, following mushers and tourists to Iditarod checkpoints to serve them handmade espresso, fishing alongside grizzly bears, showing horses in hunter/jumpers, avoiding moose walking home from school, and learning to drive in 4 feet of snow. After high school I went to college in Washington, getting my B.A. in Printmaking and moved back to Alaska for a year after graduating in 2009.

In 2010 I embarked on the journey of a lifetime in my
1973 Winnebago Brave, which was one of the best decisions I've ever made. After my trip around the country, I settled in Tacoma, WA, where I currently reside with my husband Daniel in a tiny little house. I have dreams of opening a little coffeehouse in town where I can feature local artists' work on the walls and have little shows with local bands.

Nice to meet you, so glad you're here!