Activity: Treat Yourself

We've been doing a lot of introspection and thinking and writing during this course, so today just take a day to do something special for yourself. It's Saturday and hopefully you don't have work or school, so get out and do something special for just you. Do something that makes you feel beautiful. Sometimes we don't value ourselves enough to feel like we're worthy of being treated. Of course, doing something that makes you feel beautiful will be different for each of us. Going to the spa might do it for some, while being out in nature or being active will do it for others. Think about what activity makes you feel special, and go do it for yourself! We oftentimes wait for others to make us feel special or beautiful, but that's not always available. It's important that you can feel special and beautiful on your own! Here's some ideas for some fun stuff to do today (or some time this week, if you can't do it today!).

  • Go on a hike
  • Get a mani pedi
  • Get a tasty treat! (macaroons, brownies, froyo, etc)
  • Buy yourself flowers
  • Take yourself out to a fancy dinner (or order pizza and watch your favorite show at home!)
  • Buy that dress you've been eyeing for a while
  • Go to the beach (for those of you in warmer climates)
  • Take yourself out to coffee and read your favorite book.
  • Sit in the park and soak in the sounds of birds and kids running around
  • Go on a run or something that gets your blood and endorphins flowing
  • Take a candle lit bubble bath (I haven't done this in so long!)
  • Go dancing, or take a dance class!
  • Get some fancy, sexy new underwear
  • Go for a drive and see where you end up
For more ideas, you can check out this awesome list by Gala Darling, or you could also pick one of the DIY's posted earlier today!
If you want to share what you did to treat yourself, or what you plan to do, share it on the forum! I also added a topic where you can share your personal beauty story, so if you feel comfortable sharing some of your beauty story from the journal activity a few days ago, please do!