Don't let beauty be about others

Beauty is about you. Not what others want to project on you, or what you try to project on yourself. What makes another girl beautiful might not be what makes you beautiful! Because the truth is, you can only be you. How silly would it be for an arm cell to sit around all morose and think to itself how much more awesome it would be if it was a leg cell. And then think of the horror if that arm cell actually took action and decided it was going to take measures to try and be a leg cell! Does anyone know what that's called? It's cancer.

We need to stop looking around at everyone else and wishing we were more like her, or as funny as so-and-so, or had hair like that girl. If we all spent more time cultivating our own beauty instead of trying to be more like other people, I bet there would actually be more beauty in the world. How much more energy would we have to devote to things we love if we stopped trying to be things we're not? I reckon quite a bit.

I've always disliked the idea that you should alter your personal style to please or get attention from someone else. At the same time, though, I think everyone should know that appearances do matter, even if we say we don't judge a book by it's cover. We have eyes for a reason, and no matter how well intentioned people want to seem, we all instantly make assessments based on what we see. Maturity is what allows us to evaluate whether that initial visual judgement is accurate, but it's still true that we make visual judgements almost immediately.

My stance has always been that you should dress for yourself, and if a guy or anyone else doesn't like it, then they clearly aren't meant for you! They way you dress expresses yourself, so why should you change yourself to get someone to like you? Ultimately, you'll just end up unhappy. This doesn't mean that I won't dress up to go on a date, but when I do dress up it is in my own style and in a way that first and foremost makes me happy. When I look in the mirror I want what I see to reflect who I am. I'm not always completely successful, but at least try to I put some effort into it.