Journal: Write Your Beauty story

Today I want you to think back on your own beauty story. You can start at any point in your life, but I think it would be most useful to start when you were first exposed to the concept of "beauty" and go from there. Did your father make an offhand comment about your looks when you were a child? Did a friend in high school or junior high suddenly go through puberty and have all the boys chasing after her while you were left in the dust? Did you have someone call you the "pretty one" and your sibling the "personality"? Did you get the message that beauty was equivalent to a certain body shape or size? Maybe your mom was constantly talking about how she needed to go on a diet, or told you that you needed to lose weight or boys wouldn't notice you.

We all have our own personal ideas, biases, and stories which show how we've come to where we are currently in our relationship to the concept of beauty. Going back through your childhood and younger years and looking back on those moments you learned something about beauty can tell you a lot about how you view beauty now. For many women, beauty is a word that brings up a lot of emotions. Since a third of this e-course is focused on beauty, it will be useful to be able to evaluate where your current thoughts and feelings about beauty have originated. If you don't know where to start, here's a good article about beauty from the perspective of someone in her 60's! There are more articles from women in various decades too (20's, 30's, etc), which you can find at the bottom of the article.