Journal: Beautiful People

For today's journal I want you to think of the most beautiful people in your life. These have to be people you actually interact with (so, not you're favorite actress or musician), because beauty is about so much more than just looks. What is it about them that you find beautiful? Talk about the qualities they possess that make them truly beautiful. I've found that true beauty is almost always inspiring. What is it about them that you find inspires you to be a better person? Are they kind, selfless, joyful? Do they exude self-confidence and a comfortability with who they are? Do they light up a room with their personality?

You can also talk about someone who you maybe thought was beautiful based on outward appearance, but upon getting to know them you realized they were unkind or rude. Or maybe they just were striving so hard to appear a certain way that they didn't have that ease about them which comes from feeling comfortable with who you are. Either way, it's beneficial to recognize true beauty when you see it, and to also recognize when beauty is being emulated in a superficial way. Training yourself to see beauty more holistically, rather than just a matter of appearance, will help you to see true beauty in others.