Journal: How can others best love you?

Today I want you to evaluate what your love language is and how others can best love you. For me, I don't need gifts to feel loved, but I do need to spend quality time with people. I know other people who feel most loved when you give them presents, or when you do things for them. In order love other people, you have to understand that not everyone feels loved in the same way. And it's important for you to know how you feel loved so you can communicate that to the people in your life who want to love you well! Think of specific ways you feel most loved. Is it receiving little, uplifting texts throughout the day? Is it getting a bouquet of flowers unexpectedly? Do you love going on walks with someone? Once you figure out what your love language(s) is, think about the ways that manifests in your life specifically.

And think about the people around you who you want to be able to love better. Think about what their love language(s) might be. Knowing this about the people closest to you will help you be able to love them more wholly and effectively!