Activity: Take a Break

Sometimes loving means knowing enough about yourself to know when you need to take a break. Loving is can seem so complicated at times. You feel like you have to give so much of yourself, when really if you're running on Empty, you won't be able to love well. Doing this course everyday can even feel like a lot to do if you're overwhelmed! Our culture tends to give us the sense that if we're not busy, we're somehow failing. We're always go-go-go, but that can be really unhealthy if you're not taking time to recharge yourself!

So today, I want you to take a break. Fill your tank. Do what you need to do to recharge. If you feel recharged by being with people, go out with friends! If you feel refreshed by spending time alone, curl up with a good book, or go outside and spend the afternoon in the park. Recharging looks different for everyone. I know for me, I get mega-drained being around a ton of people, but having a good solid amount of time where I can just be alone is very refreshing for me.

Working at camp last summer was very exhausting for me because I was constantly around a ton of people and excitement. A few weeks into camp I had a total meltdown and I realized that if I wasn't filling my tank and taking time to recharge, I wouldn't be able to fully engage during the times when I was needed. After that, I took whatever little bits of time I could to just be alone and re-energize myself. It was still difficult being around that much activity and so many people constantly, but I was better able to be fully present. There won't be another post today, so don't be tempted to check back later on. Just spend today recharging and doing what you need to do to fill your "love tank." If today is already all booked up, pick another day this week where you'll be better able to spend the day recharging.