Go out and live!

I want to thank you guys for dedicating a month of your lives to this e-course, and I sincerely hope that you've grown throughout the experience. You'll have continued access to the e-course, so if you want to come back and review any of the sessions, you can definitely do so! Continue writing in your Lovely*Brave journal and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and into your growth zone. Life is all about growth. Go out there and make the most of your precious life. You only get one life, so don't waste time wishing you could be someone else, or wishing you could make one of your dreams come true. Be yourself and make it happen! Keep your mission statement, goal lists, and truth list close at hand and visible, and feel free to add to or edit those any time! I hope this course has in some way helped to inspire and empower you to truly

If you feel like leaving a review or testimonial, I'd love to know your thoughts! As this is my first e-course of this type (sort of self-help/personal growth), I'd love to know if you guys had any suggestions/praise/thoughts you'd want to share to help improve the course for future Lovely*Brave ladies.