Journal: how do you communicate?

After reading through this morning's post, have you determined which of the personality types are your dominant ones? I've found that it's pretty easy to see which personality type someone is based on how they react in times of stress. If you're having a hard time determining your primary personality type(s), think back to a time when you felt under pressure or stressed out and see how you reacted. That will likely say a lot about what your main personality types are.

For this journal I want to you look back and think about how your personality type(s) has expressed itself and how others have made you feel because of it. For instance, do people make you feel like you're not smart because you're a funster, or that you're to much inside your head because you're a dreamer? Also think about how you may have treated people in a way that wasn't supportive of their personality type. I liked this story about how people came together to support a kid according to her personality type because they recognized her personal needs. I distinctly remember an incident almost identical to that when I was in seventh grade, except my teachers did not act in a way that supported me. Maybe you've seen something like that happen in your own life. Write about it!